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We have been taking care of the needs of international students in Australia for many years with a carefully planned and growing range of services. Being a trusted and dedicated team who understand the requirements for students of international backgrounds coupled with a sound understanding of Australian protocols and lifestyles, means we can offer valuable advice and support in related services.

Accommodation Solutions


Bringing groups to Brisbane Providing supportive homestay accommodation  Addressing needs and problem solving.

Student Accommodation

Fully furnished and modern facilities • Brisbane CBD and close suburbs location convenience.

Education and career advancement courses

Industry Internship and Corporate programs

Gain professional work experience and improve career opportunities in a wide range of industries.

Professional Year Program

Professional Year Programs (PYP) gives international graduates skills and training to start their careers. PYP can be a pathway from study to employment by enhancing career prospects, adding value to resume experience, and gaining valuable work experience.


Working as an education agent in Australia, we can assist students with many study options, courses and institutions to further their career choice.

  • Improve your English
  • Improve career prospects

Complementary and services for support

Guardianship / Care taking

Unaccompanied minors (children < 18) wanting to study in Australia must have a local guardian. The role of a Guardian is to monitor student progress and recommended remedial action to address problems as needed to establish safety and progressive work towards students' academic goals and experience.

Airport Service

Pick-up and drop-off arrangements from either Brisbane or Gold Coast Airports is arranged. This means students and international visitors are met on arrival and then taken to their accommodation.

Settlement Services

Working closely with well-renowned affliates we can assist international newcomers with a range of solutions. Whether it simply be getting parents or families settled for a few months whilst a child takes up study opportunities to longer term or everyday problem solving.


Working to make coming to Australia hassle free, we offer complementary services for students and alike. Some of our popular series include:-

  • Guardianship
  • Airport pick-up
  • Settlements

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